Using junk and rubbish to create something  makes me happy.

Buckminster Fuller said  "There's no such thing as pollution".

If nature re-uses everything  – so can we.

We produce too much of everything.

Here's a golden shopping trolley that I customised for Julian Clary in the nineties.


1998 I formed TRASH FACTORY,  later as a CIC  to promote sustainable design, running creative recycling workshops in schools, universities, the community, council events and through Creative Partnerships.

Producer Roy Milani ( of 5 BAFTA's for childrens' TV) and I  developed a treatment to make a Trash Factory TV series before 2012 but the response wasn't fashionable and wouldn't be popular! (I have added to this post as now we are drowning in craft and up-junk programmes.)


to offer  fun workshops, an interactive website, production of a TV video series with educational packs, and collaboration between artists and the community.

To develop brand and outreach, a customised Trash Factory Bus will offer a mobile facility for festivals.
These activities contribute to encourage the re-thinking of waste, inspire creativity and teach new skills.


Trash Factory is a Company in the Community ( a not-for-profit organisation). It aims to raise public awareness of ecological issues through inspiring and educating people of all ages to re-think waste in two ways :
The first area of activity is the production of ambitious works: sculptures made out of trash that can be at the centre of community events or happenings.

Sculptures are either produced by professional sculptors or through collaboration with the community via workshops.

Trash Factory creative recycling workshops teach how  to create unusual and stylish objects from junk and waste materials. Using an alternative ‘twist’ and humour, they also introduce people to the pleasures and empowerment of basic skills and crafts.


A wide variety of workshop activities and products were designed for all ages and abilities (Trash Factory ran nine creative workshop projects) in schools, universities, art centres and at public events. ( 2015)

Mixed media designer and artist, Tilby is an experienced production set and costume designer for film, tv, film theatre and opera.