anne tilby _killer heel_ Tortured Soles photo by Fred Tilby-Jones

photos by Andrea Lestrange

"It comes naturally"
Tilby wearing shoe.

Sling your heels and join me at TORTURED SOLES.  Exposing my new collection of unwearable shoes ( 17/05 until 18/06/2013 in Soho )  See this article that popped up overnight  http://www.stylezza.com/art-exhibition-confronts-fashion-for-high-heels-1567  plus   http://www.flutteranddrum.com/events#tortured-soles-exhibition  on Flutter and Drum. Also http://www.daisygreenmagazine.co.uk/lead/fashion-lead/tortured-soles/....

“You have to learn to go with the flow with Anne. Her imagination can suddenly take a turn for the surreal and if you can’t hitch a ride at a moment’s notice you might miss out....

... Shoes that make you smile, think, cry and stamp your feet. Clarke's will never be the same." -  Julian Clary   https://twitter.com/julianclary

Also See http://tortured-soles.tumblr.com/  by Andrea Le Strange 04/05/13

Delve deep into your wardrobe "Out the Shoes that crippled you"  and  join me to create "10 Uses for the Redundant Shoe"!

anne tilby tortured soles

Anne Tilby tortured soles pig shoe

Tortured Soles will kick off in Soho’s no 23A, Frith Street, London W1D 4RS  (next to Bar Italia and opposite Ronnie Scotts) I will be there from 11am- 6pm Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays during May and until 14th of June.  Please contact me via this website if you have any enquiries.

A limited edition of prints, cards and books are available to order. Ready for commissions!  This summer seasons fried egg flip flop is available soon, shortly followed by "Tortured Soles Cocktail Calendar 2014 " hot off the press.

TORTURED SOLES  card collection will be featured here soon ( 10 designs)  at £2.00 each  or  £18 for the 10  ( special offer-itus!)

Barbara Kruga said "I shop, therefore I am."

I prefer "I shoe therefore I am."

Bookartbookshop at 17 Pitfield St, Hoxton N1, from July 05/07 - 28/07

Lyth Arts Centre Gallery  in Scotland, John of Groats 01/07 – 30/08

Possible peep at the newly renovated Birmingham Rep Theatre during August

Bad Behaviour Brixton in October. (Later dates tbc)

The exhibition features the original shoe 'objects,' lush prints, an animated slide show of issues, and fun workshops where possible.

We could go on , but I'll stop here.   Please pop by and visit my pop-up in Soho ( open Tuesdays, Fridays & Saturdays)

I should be there until the 18th of June but please check this post as dates may change.


Mixed media designer and artist, Tilby is an experienced production set and costume designer for film, tv, film theatre and opera.