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A lovely crowd amongst the bone chandelier and unwearable  shoes with projection downstairs in Labels Lounge hosted by Tara queen of clubs.TORTURED SOLES exposed at 23A Frith Street, Soho, London W1, last Tuesday May 14th, sponsored by  La Fee  Absinthe with fabulous sea green cocktails  .Steve Jjones and Oscar La fee

Oscar from La Fee here with Ronnie Jones (Fruit for the Journey)

julilan clary and tilbyJulian Clary with new haircut and Tilby

anne tilby tortured soles

anne tilby tortured soles

tilby and Josephine

Josephine from Radio Gorgeous,interviewing Tilby

anne T 041

Judy Purbeck, Stephen Wright from the House of Dreams,(centre)  Stephen Johnson ferom MJZ, Hello Cath 'Cucki, Alannah and Jimmy I don't have a photo.

Toni Yardley and Guisepinna de Camerlo

Toni Yardley( always photogenic ) and Giusepinna di Camillo ( art and fashion journalist )

cath lancuki and araba ocran 1

Sculptor Araba Ocran and designer extraordinaire Cath Pater-Cucki.

andrea lestrange and karin symonsAndrea Lestrange ( Photographer)  and Karin Symons .leila and lilyLeila and LilyBertrand Webb....and Janine De Wolfe's nose.

Alison 24/7 ! PR with Big Brother fav' and art lover Gerry

Computer Di and Gaza BleasdaleActor Gary Bleasedale and Gadget Queen Di Evans

Tom Urquhart ( - we missed you Jane). Photos by Andrea Lestrange and Aaron Akinyemi.

Thank you all for joining us and  slinging your heels and for Lorraine Krell's lush fringes and perches, also a big thank you to Soho Estates for the venue!  I will be there Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays 11 am - 6pm until the 16th June 2013  (and here's one I did earlier photograph by Andrea Le Strange)

Shitshu and Tilby

Tilby displays Shitshu & shoe on head naturally.

Mixed media designer and artist, Tilby is an experienced production set and costume designer for film, tv, film theatre and opera.