The Barber of Seville

Rossini Costume and Set Design, Novaya Opera Moscow.

at the Novaya Opera House in Moscow 2008.  Costume and set design by Anne Tilby.  Directed by Elijah Moshinsky.  

instruction was to be uplifting and joyous!

Inspired by Harold Lloyd's and Buster Keaton's silent movies, makeup was pancake white,   set pieces revolved with many doors for comedy entrance /exits, painted and printed cloths, palettes and design used Sonia Delauney and the Futurist painters.

The Novaya Opera House is a beautifully restored 1900s building with beveled glass windows, in the park.

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Tilby Barber Surgery2
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Tilby Barber of Seville barber ms
Tilby barber figaro ms
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