Julian Clary

Shades of Gay

I have worked on Julian Clary projects since 1988, some with Paul Merton, such as Sticky MomentsTerry and Julian ( sitcom) and panto's for TV,  most directed by John Henderson and produced by Toni Yardley.

Terry and Julian featured sets that theatrically transform in real time.  The theatre offers a counter-weighted flying system, whilst a TV studio is limited to dead weights. Tricky.

The title sequence featured a Sindy or Barbie Doll house as I love kitsch. Watch episodes at 4oDComodey

Mr & Mrs gameshow sets (1998): the set was formed from translucent PVC  quilted inflatables,  heart shaped entrance and staircase, the contestant sat in a soundproof pod. Lycra-covered lanterns rose to  reveal prizes on curvaceous podiums for that 1950s feeling of luxury....

Theatre Tours: include My Boyfriends Back, 1990s,  Lord of The Mince,2002,  Position Vacant ( Apply Within ) 2012.

One set  featured a large fluorescent UFO spaceship which  flew in and opened up with dancing shimmying jelly fish costumes...

1995, I designed a giant motorised stiletto shoe, dual geared and joystick operation,  steel chassy with rechargeable wheelchair motor . Hybrid.

Lined with  fake fur  and upholstered in lush crushed velvet, sequined and glittered heel. Built by the fabulous Pat and Laura at Mantaray.

Maureen: Golden egg laying hen puppet. 2012 .

AnneTilby Terry & Julian set design
Anne Tilby_ Terry & Julian title sequence
Anne Tilby Mr & Mrs gameshow set
Tilby mr&mrs sketch
anne Tilby  – Mr & Mrs  gameshow set : Surprise Plinths
Anne Tilby – Set Sticky Moments: 2 stills
tilby sticky moments 1
tilby sticky moments podium 1988
Tilby sticky moments fish
tilby julian clarys hen,jpg
tilby julian hen 3
Tilby Julian hen photo 2
Tilby sticky moments fibre glass
Tilby sticky moments screen grab
Tilby Sticky Moments france bg
tilby sticky moments on tour
tilby sticky moments venice
tilby Sticky Moments: screen image
Tilby  Sticky Moments Morocco
tilby set with barb phil russell