Pirates of Penzance

Gilbert & Sullivan Costume Design by Tilby

Chicago Opera House 2003 and English National Opera 2004.  Set design Michael Yeargen, Directed by Elijah Moshinsky.

Monty Python, Toulouse Lautrec, and burlesque was my reference. The Lyric Director requested a more traditional approach.

Designs used stripes, vivid coloured Lautrec wigs, Victorian decoupage, Bigfrieze prints, roll-drops for dramatic effect. Girls' costumes comprised boned corsets with skirts and swimming bloomers underneath, changing in striped bathing tents or behind large parasols.

The pirates wore Jimi Hendrix Bohemian fashion and British punk:  big-girls' flowery blouses for the chaps, many tattoos, moustaches and a Mohican hairpiece from an orange feather duster.

Tilby pirates poets
tilby pirate toulouse 5
Tilby pirates swim girls
Tilby pirates 7
Tilby pirates 7B CU
tilby pirates yellow stripe
tilby pirates swimwear hoops
tilby Pirates chorus design
Tilby opera moustache
Tilby Pirates evening scene
tilby pirate lautrec
tilby pirates Major General
Tilby pirates 9
Tilby Pirates torch
tilby pirate king design
Tilby Pirates Mohecan wig
Tilby pirates night
Tilby pirates dance
Tilby pirates 6 CU
Tilby Pirates mabel design
Tilby pirates principle girl
Tilby pirates police