I make portraits in mixed media using ...  sticks, fag ends, bottoms as a canvas , vegetables, crayons or computer pens…

Vicky in Private Jet (1984):  is from a tiny Polaroid snap in a 1980s fake-fur.

During the 1980s I started using the computer as a painting tool for post-production effects and for CGI  on film and TV projects. I produced giant images and friezes  applying them to various substrates so Bigfrieze was formed in 1995  (initially as Off the Wall Design) A collaboration with digital print makers to produce large format print and building wraps, such as the wrap around Selfridges, Oxford Street for the Millenium and the canopies over Trafalgar Square for the Tour De France Finish Ceremony.



Tilby greek island
tilby t-ladies painting
Tilby john lenon is pope
tilby ora lola
tilby strike
Anne Tilby Woody Allen chalk
Anne Tilby Woody oil
Anne Tilby Woody ceramic
Anne Tilby portrait of vicky
Tilby portrait  of Ali 2002
Anne Tilby drawing 2
Anne Tilby drawing
Anne Tilby love phone