Tortured Soles

(Western Foot Binding)

Between 80% - 90% of foot and bunion surgery performed in the UK and the United States is on women.   Tortured Soles evolved after my foot surgery in 2012. A response to the height of heels and their repercussions.  I exhibited more than forty unwearable shoes in Soho, Covent Garden, Hoxton, Brixton, Scotland (2013), and Kerry in Ireland.   Book of TORTURED SOLES, canvas and are paper prints available to order.

1 tilby stiletto graphic
2 tilby definition
Anne Tilby money shoe
Anne Tilby shell shoe on rock
Anne Tilby grape shoe 2
Anne Tilby grape shoe
tilby tortured soles eggshell
16 tilby julian clary shoe
pig shoe
tortured soles / blonde shoe
cokespace lo res
godzilla s
for Tracey Emin
nail fur 1a
FB iron
Tilby wire shoe
15 anne tilby killer heel
Anne Tilby blonde phone shoe
Anne Tilby dollar cashew + water carrier
Anne Tilby nest shoe1
Anne Tilby shoe tree