to promote sustainable design and close the loop in design we run creative recycling workshops in schools, universities, and the community.

Re-purposing the obsolete and the re-use of materials is a way of  re-evaluating our sense of aesthetics.

Aims: to produce a Trash Factory TV series,  offering  fun workshops and  an interactive website, a Trash Factory Bus will offer a mobile facility for festivals. These activities contribute to encourage the re-thinking of waste, inspire creativity and teach new skills.



Trash factory logo
tilby button bling
trash factory fish chip hat
trash factory  tilby  road kill
anne tilby bottle top pendant
tilby art cd lamp
tilby japanese table square
freddie table
tilby bottle bug
trash factory wood table
trash factory fish head
trash factory cog shelves 1
trash factory julian clary’s trunk
trash factory skip diving
trash factory small liberty
cartoon  cog table
cog shelves 1
freddie table
japanese table square
julians trunk sq
madonna chest detail
tilby red plastic straw flower
tilby bling packaging
tilby office tiara
tilby trash factory hat
trash factory lion
trash factory maltesers wallet
tilby trashfactory cd lamp
trash factory felt necklace
tilby trash factory piano2
tilby bottle top tree
trash factory lily of rollers straws
tilby SAS guitar detail
trash factory machine drum light table
anne tilby bug 1
tilby supermarket archeology
tilby trash factory cup candle
tilby trash factory plastic cut out necklace
tilby madonna chest
Tilby le chair  Haring style
tilby blue chair
tilby piano Vidal Sassoon commercial
black madonna chair
tilby madonna chest detail