Pret a Porter: Pret a Manger

Anne tilby potato pret a manger/porter

Back in the late seventies - I made a collection of edible fashion, provoked by the diet obssession and feminist movements  - such as fat is a female issue.

Hostess Toast Dress, Bangers n Mash wig ....

Took a cake icing course and bread baking lessons with the Master Baker ( Tim - where are you now ? ) who helped me bake the perfect meringue dress  for the Russell Harty Show 1981.

The Prete a Manger fashion show was commentated by Mark Almond, and featured giant sex-doll jellies ( which were concentrated gelatine, left to set on the roof  - as there was no  fridge large enough)  I had made glazed ceramic moulds which were heavy,  so I used ABS.

Art directed several commercials for Tony Kaye, then directed a dummy McEwans Lagar commercial  using  the “Cress Transplantation Kit"

strapline: “ Don’t give me that -  give me McEwans! "

Mixed media designer and artist, Tilby is an experienced production set and costume designer for film, tv, film theatre and opera.