A SCI' MU' Late Event – theme Hedonism, on the Rubbish Show .

High volume?   more than 5000 visitors that evening!  Enthusiastic young people pouring in, participated and got making with our pile of selected, scrubbed-up rubbish. Some stayed a few hours, making accessories from bottle tops and cartons, or periscopes and peepshow kaleidoscopes from tubes.

TrashFactory Lates2

Tilby-Art Trash Group: Science Museum

One visitor told me that he had never made anything like it before and was loving it - so took some rubbish home to carry on making more!

TrashFactory Lates3

photos by Ben Ransley

TrashFactory Lates4

Other floors were hosting silent discos, body painting and talks about the origins of the senses...

Couldn’t have managed without Trashers Cathy, Sophie, Ben, Sally, Jim plus El Tel’s Soopa-van.

TrashFactory Lates11

Kaleidascope Peep Shows: photo by Ben Ransley

Trash Factory  in the Basement LATE at the Science Museum:Wednesday 27th August 2014.

FREE event for adults (over 18)

This month’s theme  Hedonism ...

TrashFactory Lates6

Trash Factory at the Science Museum:

TrashFactory Lates12

Trash Factory show you how to transform everyday rubbish into funtastic bling.

TrashFactory Lates8

Mixed media designer and artist, Tilby is an experienced production set and costume designer for film, tv, film theatre and opera.