Tortured Soles

miss piggy

or western footbinding


Anne Tilby woman with red lips

a collection of portraits from cigarette butts exhibited at the Crypt ,1986

Pret a Porter: Pret a Manger

Anne tilby potato pret a manger/porter

fashion collection about female diet obsession 1979

Twin Cheeks

Anne Tilby Twin Cheeks

36 painted and customised bottoms 1986-94.

Sex Drive


A collection of car-toons 1998


Baby Jesus on TV

a collection of gutted TVs posing as artefacts 1986

Olympic Sculpture Commission

Anne Tilby sculpture on site

Julian Clary: Motorised Stiletto

Julian Clary sports a two metre motorised stiletto shoe...


tilby bones chandelier

exhibited at the Slaughterhouse Gallery 1986


Anne Tilby portrait of vicky

mixed media Vicky in private jet:1984

Awards for Building & Sustainability

Anne Tilby fretted spade 1

design for Herts County Council 2009.

Surf Guitar

tilby SAS guitar detail

sculpture from beach rubbish using a washing machine drum as the belly


Anne Tilby mesh umbrella

for CADISCH MDA precision mesh and expanded metal