Spitting Image

Anne Tilby Spits Butter launderette

Designer for a variety of Spitting Image projects from 1985 on including:

A series of cow commericals for “I can’t believe it’s not butter” set in a laundrette, a Wall Street Bank, a supermarket set, and a games show set "Pull the Udder One!"  directed by John Henderson and Roger Law, 1996; Der Spiegel Newspaper commercials directed by John Henderson. Golden Arrow Award  

Link at    http://youtu.be/zwdadGTqGBo   

The Winjin Pom TV-series for kids; Arena's Food Nights and Animal Nights with Alan Yentob for the BBC

I recycled the scrapped stunt car from the film “Brazen Hussies”  - Capri to  Cowpri,  which  also appeared in BBC's “ The Car's The Star "and in the Car-Nation Islington Street Festival, 1998.